The Value of Professional Engineer (PE) License

In all engineering disciplines, the professional engineer (PE) license is one of the most important credentials an engineer can obtain. Ideally the path to licensure begins in the final year of college. This video demonstrates why you should start planning for licensure now and the essential steps required to become a PE in Texas.

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Current Transformer Example 2 – NCEES Electrical Power PE Exam Review

Electrical Power PE Exam sample problem from:


Current transformer - Find line current with CT information given.

The power consumed by a 0.5 Ω burden resistance of a 1,000:5 Amp CT is 12.5 VA. What is the actual current in the line being measured by the current transformer?

Answer: I = 1,000 Amps
Can you solve it?

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Electrical PE Review
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PE Exam Review Courses – Are They Worth it?

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Multimedia PE Refresher Course for the Mechanical Engineer

Prepare for the Mechanical PE exam at your own pace and on your own schedule with the PE Refresher Course for the Mechanical Engineer (morning and afternoon topics are available). With content created by James Kamm, PhD, PE, LEED AP, this multimedia course concentrates on the topics and problems most often asked on the Mechanical PE exam.

Each course module contains an instructor-led video presentation, worked example problems, and additional multiple-choice practice problems.

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