Stage 1 – Planning – How to Pass the PE Exam the Very First Time, or How to Pass If You Have Failed

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Stage 1 of 3 - How to Plan to Pass the Electrical Power PE Exam

in the video series:

How to Pass the PE Exam the Very First Time, or How to Pass If You Have Failed Before.

In this video we teach you how to get a handle on exam logistics, figuring out a study schedule that works for you, learning the best methods and best locations to study, and how to get support and buy in from the important people in your life - All to prepare and pass the PE Exam.

Table of Contents:

I. Exam Logistics
•First things firsts, download the planning checklist to know what steps to take and in what order
​(Click Here to Download the Stage 1 - Planning Checklist)
•Submit all documents get exam authorization. Without it you do not have a seat.
•Letters of recommendation from other licensed processional engineers and letters from colleges vouching for your experience and moral character
​•Book a hotel in advanced, why you should pay to stay instead of commuting to take the exam

II. Use a calendar to create a schedule

•What to do when things get tough​
•What to do when you lose motivation
•How to stay disciplined How to not slack off

III. Where to Study

•​Get out of the house
•be some where you are among the general public or people you don't know
•Use work conference rooms
•Local coffee shops, college campus libraries, public libraries, Starbucks

IV. How to be real and Inform all of the people in your lifeHusband, Wife, spouse, girlfriend boyfriend

•Your boss
•​Your Family
•Parents, Friends
•How to get support and "buy in" from your Boss, family, and friends

V. Commit and make a promise to yourself

•"To do everything it takes"
•Print out the Stage 1 Check List. write down why you want to become a professionally licensed engineer and what that means to you, then sign and date your name.

Useful Links:

The Official Electrical PE Review .com (That's us) Planning Checklist:

The planning checklist was created to help you have a start to finish road map for taking and passing the Electrical Power PE exam to make sure you don't miss any important steps. Print it out and check off each step one by one.

​(Click Here to Download the Stage 1 - Planning Checklist)

The Official National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying​ Website (No affiliation):

The NCEES is responsible for proctoring and conducting the exam. All standards, exam day policies, exam day dates, and test questions from from the NCEES.

The Official State Board licensing Exam Websites (No affiliation):

Each individual state conducts its own registration and exam authorization approval process. If you have questions or are unsure about application processes, state requirements, and cost of taking the exam (it's not free) CLICK ON your State:​

Come see us at:

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Pass PE Exam in 5 SIMPLE Steps

5 simple and helpful steps/tips to pass PE exam!



State Board Link:


Flow Chart Example:


Making all new flow charts for SE Exam as well which should help with PE too. Will update!

Civil Reference Manual Index:

Link to Example Study Schedule:

5 Step Summary to Pass PE Exam:

1. Register for exam
2. Create an excel or similar study schedule. UPDATE if needed
3. Obtain all required references detailed by NCEES and if taking civil exam pick up Civil Engineering Reference Manual.
4. Practice Problems and Practice Exam. Take practice exam multiple times
5. Create generic flow charts to solve common problems!


Professional Engineering Regulation – Engineering Codes of Ethics – Professional Practice Exam

UBC APSC 450 (Professional Engineering Practice) Lecture 9 - Engineering Professional Regulation - Winter 2017 by Mike C. Stewart, P.Eng
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-Who needs to register with APEGBC
-What is practicing engineering according to the Engineers and Geoscientists Act
-The Professional Practice Examination (PPE)
-Consequences for breaches of the Code of Ethics
-Cases where engineers have been fined, and charged for breaches of the Code


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This is the second video in a series on: Control Systems Design and Troubleshooting for Engineering and Technology.

This video is an overview of the NCEES PE (Professional Engineer) Examination for the Control Systems option. It uses the ISA Control Systems Engineer Review Manual: Control Systems Engineering Exam Reference Manual - A Practical Study Guide, Third Edition.

It also parallels much of the subject material needed for the CAP (Certified Automation Professional and CCST (Certified Control Systems Technician).

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